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DVD Release: 3/5/2013

  • Grades: 9-12
  • College/University
  • Adult
  • Environmental Studies
  • Zoology
  • Biology
  • Science
  • Health


  • Length: 56 minutes
  • Director: CMatthew Podolsky, Eddie Chung
  • Cast: Chris Parish, Eddie Feltes,Eric Weis

The California Condor neared extinction in the 1980s until biologists nurtured the population and saw their numbers grow upward to 160. However, these noble birds face a grave threat which prevents them from flourishing further: lead poisoning. SCAVENGER HUNT chronicles the battle between bird and man, as the birds, which mostly reside in Northern Arizona, are coming down with lead poisoning which they contract from eating the flesh of buckshot deer. Filmmaker Matthew Podolsky finds the one person who understands all sides of the issue: Chris Parish, the Condor Program Director charged with protecting the birds who is also a lifelong hunter. Parish is the link to reconciling the card-holding NRA with the EPA activists to ban lead-based ammunition.

  • CLS Catalog: CLS1173
  • DVD UPC 881394117327
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dvd extras

DELETED SCENES - Lead & Eagles, A Lead Bullet Study; OUTTAKES - A Day in the Life of a Condor Biologist, Life in the Canyon, Loons & Lead, The Effects of Lead on Humans; TRAILER