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A RIVER OF WASTE: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

DVD Release: 2009

  • Grades: 9-12
  • College/University
  • Adult
  • Activism
  • Animal Rights
  • Environment
  • Factory Farms
  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • Health
  • Sanitation
  • Social Justice
  • Water Issues

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a river of waste: the hazardous truth about factory farms

An eye-opening documentary that exposes the truth about the health and environmental hazards caused by animal factory farms.

  • Length: 92 min
  • Written and Directed by Don McCorkell
  • Producer: Don McCorkell
  • Editor: Robert Nelms, Don McCorkell
  • Director of Photography: Robert Nelms
  • Director of Research: Bruce Guthrie
  • Original Music by Keith Power
  • Starring: Don McCorkell, Drew Edmonson, Paul Shapiro, Dr. Robert Lawrence, Dr. Joanne Burkholder, Dr. Michael Greger, Michele Merkel

A heart-stopping new documentary, A River of Waste exposes a huge health and environmental scandal in our modern industrial system of meat and poultry production. Some scientists have gone so far as to call the condemned current factory farm practices as "mini Chernobyls." In the U.S and elsewhere, the meat and poultry industry is dominated by dangerous uses of arsenic, antibiotics, growth hormones and by the dumping of massive amounts of sewage in fragile waterways and environments.

Darfur Diaries: Message from Home The conflict serves as the ongoing narrative in the film, but the focus is on the people who are living through what has been termed a "genocide". Through the voices of refugees, displaced persons, and in particular women and children, who are always among the most vulnerable in any conflict situation, this film seeks to provide space for the marginalized victims of atrocities to speak and to engage with the world. Additionally, the film probes the history, culture and heritage of Darfur as a means of deepening understanding of the crisis and complicating easily assumed perceptions by which the conflict is often portrayed (such as a matter of race, ethnicity or religion).

The film documents the vast catastrophic impact on the environment and public health as well as focuses on the individual lives damaged and destroyed.

  • DVD ISBN: 1-59587-107-1
  • CLS Catalog: CLS1080
  • Language: English
"A River of Waste is a powerful expose about animal agribusiness and the harm it causes animals, the planet and public health. WATCH THIS FILM and show it to your friends and family."
Paul Shapiro, Sr. Dir, The Humane Society of the United States' Factory Farming Campaign
"...this issue should be at the top of our public policy concerns."
"A River of Waste: The Real Food, Inc."
Bryan Leblang,
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awards, festivals, and screenings
  • Winner of the Silver Remi - Houston
  • International Film Festival – Houston, TX
  • Winner Best Documentary at the Eugene International Film Festival – Eugene, OR
  • Official Selection - Newport Beach Film Festival - Newport Beach, CA
  • Official Selection - Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Santa Barbara, CA
  • Official Selection - Kansas International Film Festival – Overland Park, KS
  • Official Selection - Action on Film International Film Festival – Pasadena, CA